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April Mini Mag

April Mini Mag

Decorating with white!

March Mini Mag

2013 Trends


Choosing Colors

Picking colors can be oh so tricky. Find a piece of art work, rug, pillow and choose your clolors from item. A color needs to be displayed in the room at least three time (I prefer five times)  are it looks like ahot mess. Be sure and look at the colors in natural light at different times of the day. I recently painted an accent wall. I opened the blinds but left the sheer curtains pulled closed… after all they were sheers. I took them down to wash and instead of having a fig brown color; I had a beautiful shade of gray. Time and money lost but lesson well learned.

Get the scoop on this attention-seeking hue and learn how it can bring a refreshing zing to your interiors. Read an informative article this morning regarding the color orange, which totally changed my thinking.


Momma Knows Best!!

Until my son put his house on the market, I didn’t realize how comfortable you become with the no-nos of getting your home sold. Being 33 and never married, it was difficult  to get him to see what momma was saying made sense.

He did stain and seal the deck, planted flowers, added color (it was brown on brown on dark brown) to the living room and kitchen. Then when he had the flu, his girlfriend and I neutralized the wall art,rolled bath towels and put in baskets, added lighting and new comforter for the master. Oh, we even added decorative “foo-foo” pillows. He was too ill to care. His comment was “That he really couldn’t tell much of a difference”.

He has had over 20 showings in less than a week. I told him it was the photography and the  great video slide show his mother so lovely put together for him. After all, 90% of all buyers begin their search on the internet.

Tonight, a couple is returning for a second showing. Knowing the buyer needs emotional connection to the house and since it’s cool and rainy outside, I suggested he put a roast in the oven. He didn’t hesitate… I can do that!

This is an entrance gate to a pet cemetery…. Another dream


Love this idea for attic space


Curb Appeal Matters


Entrances to Your Home


Mother Nature will provide you with an inspirational color

While out with the children, family and friends  today, look around at all the shades of green. Take a picture and use that as your inspirational color. Many of you know Emerald Green is the 2013 color and chevron is the 2013 pattern. Since I prefer more than  one pattern in a room, I do like the clean geometric lines of the chevron and it can carry a room as the lone pattern. Further, they can be presented boldly on pillow, curtains and especially area rugs or subtly in floor patterns and tile. Examples of Chevron patterns from Houzz

So as you are out and about today, slow down and look at the colors that Mother Nature has to display and share it with someone special!!

The following link gives stats on the importance of photographs of your home when preparing to sell.

Upcycling vs Recycling Memorabilia

As stewards of Earth we must recycle. It’s an obligation… even the number one song on iTunes, The Thrift Shop Song, has young people going to Good Will and singing “I’m going to pop some tags”.  My passion is up-cycling. I define up-cycling as using memorabilia with meaning and has seen better days being used in and around homes and businesses with a respectful twist.

Case in point, I was given my maternal grandmother’s dresser. I used it for years to store everything from kitchen item, purses, keepsakes, etc. As the years wore on so do the wear on the dresser. Literally, it was falling apart and had been glued more times than Joan Rivers has had cosmetic adjustments. After the last move, the dresser did not survive. Seeing the pieces I was heartbroken but the out of the box thinking kicked in… I was in survival mode.

Pictures below tell the story much better than I did not need “to pop some tags”. It was all free!

Click on camera… then click on top left icon.

The Fifth Wall… Your Ceiling

Most people assume white is the only color for their ceilings. However, I beg to differ in this decor thinking, If you will think of your ceiling as a fifth wall, you will see that it adds nothing to the room. In fact, in most decors it takes away from the room. Many people are conditioned to only seeing white ceilings. To me, it makes the room look like a box without a lid.

If you have slanted walls arching or curving into ceilings, it’s best to paint both the walls and ceilings the same color. In many homes the ceiling are the standard eight foot ceilings or low ceilings,  I recommend two shades lighter. This will lighten and lift the ceiling give the sense of openness. Finally, If the ceiling make you feel you are in a cathedral and does not give you the coziness you desire, paint the ceiling two shades darker. This will give the illusion the ceiling is lower. Even if you have the popcorn ceiling, there are rollers with a high nap count designed just for popcorn ceilings. Be cautious here… If your try to get by with using a lot of paint at once, the popcorn will become too wet and fall off in clumps. If at all possible, painting with a sprayer is the best method to change the color of the dreaded popcorn ceiling. Leaving this type of ceiling white only highlights the it

In conclusion, if you will think of the ceiling as the fifth wall, I feel you will get past the learned notion that all ceilings must be white. In other words, think of it as an accent wall and  you will understand the importance of the fifth wall.

Think outside of the can

While strolling the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond, I realize how beautiful their bathroom trash containers would look as floral vessels or just as an accessory. Further, never purchase your floral decorations. Look at Mother Nature’s twigs, sticks, limbs and grasses.

What people really want in a kitchen..

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